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Your Weirdest Interview Questions Revealed

Last week, I asked you to share some of the weirdest questions you've ever been asked in an interview — and as I suspected, you've had some doozies! Here are a few of my favorites.

  • "I was asked to sell a pen to the guy that was interviewing me. It was for a sales job, so he was seeing how persuasive I was." — Spectra
  • "On my first interview out of college the executive editor asked me if I was married and what my father did. He was an old school newspaper editor in his 70s, but I was incredibly offended by the implication. He ended up hiring me and I soon learned he was just living in a whole other time and place and was genuinely kind (and he learned I'm certainly not banking on a man's shadow), but the question seemed really clueless." — Angelica
  • "It was so long ago that I can't really remember, but the guy asked me to picture a scene in my mind, like 'picture a square' and then asked me to describe it to him . . . or 'picture a horse' and then had me describe it to him. He then went on to interpret my descriptions telling me what was good and bad about each. It was so weird!" — tiaramh

Read more interview oddities after the jump.

  • "I haven't had an interview in some time, but I've heard one of the new 'standards' to prepare for is, 'What book are you currently reading?' I've talked to several friends and they've all been asked that at least once." — lilkimbo
  • "Odd question asked 'What do you consider the worst habit of your last supervisor?' and I must say my jaw dropped. My response was 'While I appreciate the spirit of that question I would never be openly critical of a superior.' . . . I was hired. Now almost a year later I asked what they looked for within that particular line of questioning and was surprised by the answer . . . Loyalty under fire." — cheekyredhead

Thanks for sharing, Savvy interviewers!

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