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Using Cash to Lose Weight

Using Cash Can Keep You Thin, Study Says

No, I'm not talking about buying diet products and expensive gym memberships, I'm referring to this latest study by the Journal of Consumer Research that says people who use cash instead of cards end up buying less junk food. Apparently, buying things with cash is more painful than purchasing with a debit or credit card, which is why people tend to be less impulsive and are more restrictive with buying unhealthy food. Lo Bosworth from The Hills recently advised people to carry cash instead; it looks like she knows what she's talking about!

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inlove23 inlove23 6 years
This is so true! I only use my card for emergencies or school-related purchases. It's more tempting to use the card because its "invisible money". I always have to stop and think when it comes to cash.
lexycon lexycon 6 years
i couldn't agree more! not long ago i wouldn't think twice about swiping my credit card to get my fix of junk food. it was so fast and convenient that it was a near-daily routine for me. i was gaining weight as my bank account dwindled. using cash (or at the very least balancing my checkbook after every purchase) has made such a HUGE difference. my physical AND fiscal health have improved drastically!
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