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Send Your Avatar on Your Job Interview

Are you someone who despises interviews because you get nervous and tongue tied and sweaty? Some employers have begun experimenting with Multi-User Virtual Environments, or MUVEs, to interview prospective employees. It's kind of like sending someone else to interview in your place, except they're wearing an ear piece and will answer questions exactly how you want.

So what exactly is a MUVE? To find out just

Companies like Second Life sell virtual "islands" to corporate customers for the purpose of hosting in-world meetings. Users develop the appearance of their avatar by selecting from hundreds of characteristics and wardrobe choices.

Conversations take place in a text-based chat window that works like instant messaging. In-world interviews aren't meant to necessarily take the place of typical interviews and an employer of Second Life said that they're "best used as one part of a recruitment process that also includes a combination of telephone interviews, videoconferences, email exchanges, or face-to-face meetings."

It could be a good icebreaker between employers and prospective employees and may be especially effective if you're trying to get a job internationally.


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