I've been looking for a website to manage my finances simply but haven't yet been able to find it. This morning I found Mint, and while it is very simple to use, what it does is blowing my mind.

Add in all your accounts — checking, savings, credit cards — and Mint will track what you're spending and what you owe, compile budgets for you, alert you if anything unusual is going on in your account, etc. It really casts some perspective on what you're spending too — I talk a big game about shopping, but it turns out that I am a Walgreens high roller.

It also compares your cash to your debt and will tell you if your APRs are too high, like a sweet little electronic financial planner. If they added a bill pay and tracking function, it'd be perfect. Also, I was naturally concerned about the security, but after reading this, I'm cool. And did I mention the pretty pie charts?! You want to get a geek all excited, show her a color-coded pie chart.