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Dear Sugar
I got married 10 months ago. I am a Vice President at my firm and the gal who works under me still hasn't gotten me a wedding gift. I am baffled. Not only are we friends, but we have worked closely together for the past five years. I control her salary and her bonus so I know firsthand that she can well afford a present.

I went to her wedding and bought her a gift. I also brought her gifts after each of her children were born. I even went to her baby shower and brought a little something extra there. What's the protocol on this? Should I say something to her or should I wait? Corporate Conundrum

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Dear Corporate Conundrum
The passive aggressive way of handling this would be to shout across the office to someone else, "Hey Julie, have I thanked you for the awesome toaster? My husband was able to make me brownies and pizza at the same time, you rock!" The problem with this is that she may not catch on and you will just get more frustrated with her.

The rule of thumb is that you have up to one year to give a wedding gift so try and be patient. If after a year you don't receive anything, chalk it up to poor etiquette. You would think this woman would try and impress her boss. What a moron.

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