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I'm Asking: How Are You Unwinding From the Taxing Week?

This week may have been particularly rough on Larry King and his soon-to-be-eighth ex-wife (who else is shocked they didn't have a prenup?!), but it was no walk in the park for the rest of us.

We clocked in and out. We met tax deadline (or jumped through hurdles). Heck, I even got yelled at by a bus driver. I'm celebrating my hard work and the weekend with a homemade dinner with friends, brunch with my main squeeze, and serious me time in between. How are you unwinding?

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skigurl skigurl 7 years
i got a letter saying they needed more information!! so i won't be relaxing...i'll be sending my homebuyer information in this week, booo
zanessc zanessc 7 years
I finished my taxes just last weekend and it was such a relief to finish and check them off the never-ending list of things to do. Once I crossed the task off the list, I forgot about it and have been focusing on my job. This past week of work was AWFUL. And, after talking to many people in various professions (especially mine, teaching) it sounds like it was the same way for many people. Seeing this post made me realize that it could have just been awful because it was tax week and it gives me a little bit of relief in the fact that maybe I'm not losing my mind! After surviving the week, I had friends over for dinner and cocktails on Friday night and it set the scene for a relaxing, yet work-filled weekend.
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