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Buyer's Remorse: What Did You Splurge on This Weekend?

Oops, we've all been there. You were going to be really, really good this weekend, but then you ended up blowing your paycheck on new shoes, a fancy dinner, and a spontaneous night on the town. Dare you admit what you splurged on this weekend? Don't worry! You can easily get back on track with these budget and saving tips. Be sure to implement these practical and easy ways to stay on budget next weekend.

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amber512 amber512 5 years
Wait, other people can afford to splurge on things? ;)
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 5 years
I grabbed a burger at a restaurant - at $4 during happy hour it seemed like a good idea, but it was so bland! Then I nabbed a $10 drink that was delicious, but small. It felt like such a waste. :( On the plus side, I didn't really buy anything else!
LaurenMarie2 LaurenMarie2 5 years
An iPhone 4s!
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