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It's finally the big day and you've had a tight grip on your BlackBerry all morning in case of a wedding emergency. You're about to meet up with your bridal party for brunch so you can give them their gifts, and when your phone rings you expect it to be the florist saying all of your flowers are dead, or your mom asking for a lunch-spot recommendation. As you greet your Maid of Honor with a smile, you tell her you have a call and peek down at who is trying to get your attention on your wedding day. She sees your smile turn into open-mouthed astonishment paired with an appropriate eye-roll because that phone call is from your boss. Your MOH tells you not to even think about picking up the phone but you hesitate. Find out how I would handle this situation when you


Even if you've tied up all of your loose ends before your wedding, emergencies do happen. Instead of ignoring the phone call and having to face your boss when you return from your honeymoon, go ahead and answer the call. You don't want to have the thought of a confrontation lingering while you're on your stress-free vacation with your new husband, and you definitely don't want her to have the impression that you don't respect her enough to answer her calls.

Your boss may simply have a question that she forgot to ask before your vacation time started and didn't want to bother you while you're on your honeymoon. But she may be calling with a legitimate emergency and want you to pop in to the office or handle an issue from home. If it is an issue that requires immediate attention, ask your boss to call one of your co-workers that you know will be able to handle it as well as you would.

As much as you may want to lash out at the audacity of asking you to do work on your wedding day, bite your tongue. Politely tell her you're sorry, but you've planned every minute of your day and won't be able to help her this time. Reassure her when you say that you've planned in advance for every controllable situation and remind her that you've arranged for colleagues to cover your responsibilities. Although you probably ran through the details before you left, let her know again exactly who she should contact in case of specific problems so she's not tempted to dial your number during your honeymoon bliss.

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