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What We Can Learn From Wall Street's Ex-Employees

What We Can Learn From Wall Street's Ex-Employees

Many of Wall Street's employees may have enjoyed enviable salaries and big-time bonuses during their careers, but now that about 33,300 finance jobs will be cut by June 2009, some of those workers are finding other ways to continue paying their bills.

In such a troubled market many of them are earning money in jobs unrelated to finance and making much less in doing so. One ex-Bear Stearns employee started a company that teaches kids to cook, a Bank of New York-ex moved to Omaha with his wife where they opened a hair salon, and others are trying their hands in jobs like bartending and real estate to make enough money to live.

These workers are doing what it takes to support their families and find happiness doing something else, often after working in one profession for the length of their careers. Losing a job is definitely one of the biggest stresses that can fall upon us, but it's also a chance to show what you're really made of by hunting down open doors and creating your own opportunities.


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ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i think that it's just showing you what working like a dog for a few years will do to a person. you go to business school or what have you and you find a great job in finance - and then you realize 5 years down the road that you haven't been home at a decent hour since you started and you're up at the crack of dawn to be in the office - and for what? you're making the money -but you are burnt out and have no life. that's probably why all these people are starting new businesses away from the city - with something that they are more passionate about. i think that if you are able to 'pay your dues' working long hours to save money and then you can open a salon or something more 'fun' - then it's a great thing. i would give anything to be able to know that i can save $$ to do what i want when i'm older. i like the cooking school idea - and i like being able to give back to the community.
bellaressa bellaressa 9 years
This is troubling.
cubadog cubadog 9 years
When I was having a tough time I dog sat like crazy. I think if I were in this situation again I would probably start dog walking.
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