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What to Wear to a Job Interview 2008-09-19 09:30:45

Ask Savvy: What Should I Wear to a Job Interview?

Q: Dear Savvy,

I have an advanced degree in Science and Engineering and am currently job hunting. I keep seeing and hearing conflicting reports about what to wear to my interviews. Any advice?

A: Office attire seems to be a common theme this week — the Project Runway contestants certainly had some interesting and varied ideas of what attire is appropriate for a college graduate entering the working world. Some of their creations may have passed once you've been established as an employee, but figuring out what to wear on an interview is more pressing because it's all about making your best first impression. See my tips for interview appropriate attire when you


The general rule for interview attire is to dress one step up from the company's dress code (unless of course their dress code is formal). So, if employees adhere to business casual guidelines, than you should choose to wear a suit for your interview. Likewise, if you're interviewing in a casual office you'll want to dress one step up. I don't recommend wearing jeans to an interview, even if they are your dressy denim.

I find that a well-tailored (but not mini-length!) dress can be a great solution when you're interviewing in a casual office. If you're someone who is more comfortable in pants, then wear a freshly-pressed pair of pants that are more dressed up than jeans and a top that is conservative but not stiff. And if you're not sure of the dress code? Call the office's main number and ask the receptionist!

Do any of you have additional job interview attire advice? Please share!


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