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What Would You Do? Creepy Ex-CoWorker Follows You to New Job

Imagine this: you've just started a new job and are psyched to leave the place you've worked for the past few years. You've been enjoying your first month at your job and are generally happy there, until you learn that an ex-coworker who used to be obsessed with you will be starting at your new company in a couple weeks. The obsession is no secret, and friends of the ex-coworker have kept him in the loop about your whereabouts. The person has tried to contact you a number of times and never got any type of response.

The ex-coworker knew that you had gotten a new job at this fast growing company in desperate need of qualified personnel, and after discovering you were making the move submitted his own resume in hopes of working alongside the object of his affection. This is a true story — just change the "he" to a she because it happened to a guy and the obsessed ex-coworker is a girl — so to find out how he handled this


Upon first hearing the news, his immediate reaction was that he wanted to get a new job and not deal with things, but after thinking it through he approached his boss the following morning and told her everything. He's uncomfortable around the girl and doesn't want to deal with her creepy obsession every single day. In order to protect himself, he thought it was best to let his boss know his sentiments and fill her in on a situation that could cause potential legal complications.

She was appreciative and understood the seriousness of the situation immediately, and told him that he would never be put in a position to work with her one on one. Do you think he handled this well? Would you have done anything differently if a guy who was scarily obsessed with you followed you to a new job?

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