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If you aren't familiar with the name Susan Boyle, she's the woman who shocked the pants off the Britain's Got Talent judges and the show's tough crowd with her beautiful voice. Everyone judged Susan when she came onto the stage looking a little spacey and wearing something that didn't exactly scream superstar, but the crowd was in awe as soon as she opened her mouth.

Susan got three yeses from the judges, including the "biggest yes ever" from Piers Morgan, and immediately following her fall into grace the presses were buzzing about whether or not 47-year old Susan would get a makeover. Larry King took it upon himself to ask Susan whether or not she would consider a total makeover and she answered, "Why should I? Why should I change? Particularly my identity."

A few days later Susan was seen wearing an outfit that made her look more put together and modern, but she's still obviously her own person. It's a good lesson for any of us striving for success: Making some compromises might be necessary, but don't concede so much that you're no longer being true to yourself.


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justcarrie2 justcarrie2 8 years
I am totally amazed by her! I think the eyebrows were a fine change for her. There is more she could do but in her own time as she sees fit and is ready. If not? Well she has something that very few people have in this world which is a beautiful voice. You don't always have to be the perfect image to improve your talent. She has more than proved that! Go Susan and Congratulations on coming forward for all of us to appreciate and enjoy your gift from God!
jdmxrain jdmxrain 8 years
What's wrong with trying to look your best? I think its great. Everyone should strive to look their best. Also what's wrong with changing for the better? Its impossible to not change. All of us change. Hopefully she'll change for the better in all ways.
kythera kythera 8 years
It's more than her looks, the song she picked was so perfect in this time of our lives. She represents all the underdogs out there that never tried, but have big hearts and bigger talents.
SDTransplant SDTransplant 8 years
I was sad that she got her eyebrows plucked. They were her trademark! And it's odd to see her in more modern clothes, though I think she looks much better.
skigurl skigurl 8 years
it's like Barbara Streisand and her nose...she won't change it for anyone!
bengalspice bengalspice 8 years
All she needed was her eyebrows plucked and shaped .... she is such an adorable woman ... I would hate to see anyone try to change her more than that. And her dress and shoes were sooooooooo cute. I love her little strut.
wednesday_adams wednesday_adams 8 years
This woman is such an inspiration, love her!
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