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What's Your Money Personality?

Discovering Your Money Personality

MSN Money classified these eight money personalities and reasoned that "Your financial behavior originates in your unconscious attitudes about money. Figuring out your money type could help you make better investing decisions and save you from disaster." The article determined that it's ideal to have a balance of all the characterizations — can you see yourself in any of them, or perhaps you have multiple money personalities?

  • The Guardian is always alert and careful.
  • The Pleasure Seeker prioritizes pleasure and enjoyment in the here and now.
  • The Idealist places the greatest value on creativity, compassion, social justice, or spiritual growth.
  • The Saver seeks security and abundance by accumulating more financial assets.
  • The Star spends, invests, or gives away money to be recognized, feel hip or classy, and increase self-esteem.
  • The Innocent avoids paying significant attention to money, believing (or hoping) that life will work out for the best.
  • The Caretaker gives and lends money to express compassion and generosity.
  • The Empire Builder thrives on power and innovation to create something of enduring value.


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