About 10 years ago, I used to save up money for a haircut at Orbit in Ann Arbor, MI. (Go see Chuck if you're in town; he's great.) A trim cost $35, which was a princely sum to my working-three-jobs-at-once self. Surprisingly, the salon's prices for a haircut have gone up only $5 to $15 — which isn't too crazy, considering how much time has passed.

Meanwhile, in the last year and a half, my hair-removal esthetician's prices have jumped twice. First it was $40 for a bikini wax, then $45, and on July 1, it just increased to $55 — which means that when I'm not going the DIY route, I'll have to find someone more affordable. Especially considering the rough economy, I'm all for people earning a fair wage for their work, but at what point do you move on because of pricing?

Photo by dborman2