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When Should I Start Looking For a New Job?

Ask Savvy: When Should I Start Looking For a New Job?

Dear Savvy,

I am currently serving a one-year term as an AmeriCorps VISTA and it is coming to a close in August. I'm wondering if it's too early to start looking for a new job, or if I should start applying to positions now. Your advice will be much appreciated.

Savvy says: Timing a job search is always a tough game. To see my answer to this question,


A bigger question is really when you're available to interview for jobs. Whether you intend on living in the same city after your VISTA service is complete or plan on moving away, you need to be realistic about taking time away from your current commitment to attend interviews. If you can't find time during weekdays or aren't able to take off any days to travel to an interview, then you might wait until you're a little closer to wrapping up your current position to start applying for jobs. What's the point in applying if you can't interview?

Like I said, timing a job hunt is nearly impossible. It's a slow market these days, and while most companies and organizations like to see that you can start immediately, hiring during the Summer typically lags more than usual. Polish your resume and draft cover letters for various types of positions that you come across while you're perusing job boards. You want to familiarize yourself with the current job market and be able to hit the ground running when that perfect position arises.

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snarkypants snarkypants 8 years
:? i would start looking, but don't accept anything without knowing the exact start date. i know the americorps has some interesting rules about having other employment while still enlisted in a program. i didn't do americorps, but many of my friends did. although none of them went to work afterward. they all went to grad school. i would talk with a former americorps member who went to work or to a staff member, just to be safe.
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