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Where to Find Freelance Work

The need for a second income source is becoming so common that some primary employers are shifting workers' schedules around their outside obligations. Freelancing can be a good option for bringing in some extra money aside from your principal paycheck and for anyone who wants to keep their skills fresh while taking time off work or pursuing a job in a field unrelated to their training.

When I asked a Sugar employee that used to do freelance work where to find the best gigs, she said, "You gotta pitch. Just get out there and pitch stories." While writers should keep that advice in mind, there are some websites that dedicate their listings to freelancing and contract jobs catering to a number of jobs not limited to writing. Find out some recommended sites for a variety of freelance and contract work when you


Searching the Internet for other sites like these will generate a number of results, but don't assume they are all honest sites. In other words, watch out for scams.

  • The Work and Family columnist for The Wall Street Journal recommends and She notes that "Information-technology workers, such as programmers and Web developers, are the sites' biggest market, but they're fast expanding into graphic design, writing, engineering, translation, marketing, accounting, administrative and legal services."
  • CareerBuilder points out that is a good place to start for freelancing and contract jobs.


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