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When I asked you if you preferred working with women or men, an overwhelming 62 percent of you said that men are preferable, 19 percent voted for women, and the other 19 percent of you said you don't have a preference. Your comments described women as catty, ultra-competitive, overly-sensitive, nasty, gossips, back-stabbers, guilty of emotional favoritism, cliquey, and fake. So how come we cherish our girlfriends in our personal lives, but can't stand working with our own sex? To see my take on the subject just

It has surprised me how much I've enjoyed working with women now that I'm surrounded by them — the financial world I lived in was heavily dominated by males, and the people were one of the best parts about the job. And I must say, men have their own catty, gossipy, manipulative tendencies but we seem to look past their faults when it comes to comparing genders in the workplace. And while some women surely overcompensate for feeling insecure and act out with all of the qualities you named, I think we're all guilty of seeking out the flaws in other women in a way that we never do with men. And since we're all busy finger-pointing, we're all a bit insecure — isn't that our problem?

I'm not talking about shallow insecurities here, because this kind of insecurity is deeply rooted in the way many women are positioned in the work place. With the lack of female role models and women in charge, we're presented with situations that say the space for us is limited. And that makes us feel competitive, take on a hard attitude, and immediately judge what seems to be our obvious opponent — other women.

So, what's the solution? I wish I knew. Hopefully, women will begin to feel secure in the workplace so we can stop picking on each other. A little healthy competition is great, but treating each other so badly that we can't stand working in the same space isn't doing us any good.

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