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A new study has led researchers to conclude that women are responsible for creating their own glass ceiling. The study involved 251 male and female managers from different industries nationwide. Participants rated themselves and requested ratings from supervisors, peers, and subordinates; separately, each participant was asked to predict the way others would rate their performance.

The results showed that female managers are more than three times as likely to undervalue their bosses' opinions of their job performance, compared to their male counterparts. Scott Taylor, an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management who conducted the study said, "Women have imposed their own glass ceiling, and the question is why."

Middle-aged and senior women were more likely to underrate their supervisors' opinions than younger workers, but Taylor said the findings could explain why there are fewer female CEOs or why women earn less than men on average for doing the same work. Do you think there's validity to the study's conclusions?

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