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I'm Asking: The Sexual Paradox

The Sexual Paradox is the name of a new book by Susan Pinker, and recently reviewed by the New York Times, that discusses why females outperform males in school but then we fall behind in the workplace. She observes, “If you were to predict the future on the basis of school achievement alone, the world would be a matriarchy.” So then why is it more of a man's world after we're finished being graded?

The author argues that our brains are to blame for falling behind professionally. She believes that most women want to limit time spent working and search for “inherent meaning” at the office instead of seeking out a power position. She notes that these priorities “both conflict with making lots of money and rising through the ranks.”

What I want to know is — now that you've dipped your toes in the working world — why do you think we haven't had the same success in the workplace, compared to men, that we did during our school days?


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