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Women Think About Shopping Like Men Think About Sex?

You were all equally divided on whether or not the assumption that women will jump at any chance to shop is bothersome. But if the results from the online survey by UK Cosmopolitan are accurate, some of us must be hiding something about our undeniable desire to shop!

The results seem pretty unbelievable to me — of the 778 women surveyed, 74 percent said they think about shopping every minute, while men supposedly think about sex every 52 seconds. Really? Whether or not their sample of women aged 19 to 45 was an accurate measurement of women in general, here are some of the other details that emerged from the survey as reported by Daily Mail.

  • Two out of five described themselves as shoe and bag addicts, and more than one in ten focused on accessories or make-up.
  • 62 percent said they will put the damage on their credit card and 8 percent are prepared to use funds saved for rent or mortgage.
  • Those surveyed said they spend at least 30 percent of their annual income on clothes.


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