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What Benefits Make Work Life Balance a Reality?

Working parents know that there are choices and sacrifices that must be made when juggling their home and office commitments. Our own Commander-in-Chief recently lamented the events and milestones he missed while on the campaign trail or attending meetings, but whether or not those choices define success in the business world is still up for debate.

As the number of dual-income families continues to rise, many employers are trying to help mom and dad maintain some sort of work-life balance with programs and tools designed to reduce their levels of stress. The White House has given aides with tots priority in receiving laptops and has offered for aides' children to use the newly installed swing set and swimming pool in hopes that parents will see their offspring more. Many private companies offer flex hours to allow parents to work from home or finish up work once the kids have been tucked into bed. What benefits would be most helpful to you as a working parent?

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runningesq runningesq 8 years
I work for the government (I'm a prosecutor) and my office is great for families. We get a lot of leave each year, which can be put toward maternity leave. We have a few attorneys who work part time. The hours are good and very flexible, and if soemone needs to leave in the middle of the day to handle a kid emergency, there are other attorneys who can - and will ! - finish our that attorney's day in court. We also have good medical benefits :)
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