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A recent survey found that 42 percent of 24-to-60 year old college educated respondents would consider becoming a teacher. The most common motivation for the potential career change is that most feel the job would be personally rewarding, and the second reason is that respondents would feel they'd be making a difference.


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bchicgrl bchicgrl 8 years
I just started taking classes to get my associates in ECE and then I will go for my teaching license. I would want to work with K-5 age. I think I'm up for it and being in the corporate world for the last 5 years isn't cutting it considering how much I hate my job. I think all the breaks/time off teachers get is a good thing because if they had to work the same as a corporate position there would be a lot less teachers because of the stress overload.
kh61582 kh61582 8 years
For me it's a little of all three. I got my degree in music education but student teaching was the worst four months of my life! I was teaching chorus and it was just too intimidating for me. I got along with the kids just fine when I wasn't teaching but I was a crappy teacher and I knew which really stressed me out. I would like to teach at the college level if at all and if my career as a singer doesn't work out then I will be doing that. College kids you can really rough up because their paying to be there and they're serious about their work. You don't have to baby them like you do high school kids.
baybug baybug 8 years
I think you would have to be really dedicated to wanting to teach people. I think it is a really important job. I don't have that passion there for I would not want to teach.
thelorax thelorax 8 years
I would never, ever, EVER be a grade school teacher, but it could be interesting and rewarding to teach at a community college or even a university (except that you typically need a Ph.D for that level). I have a B.A. but I've taken quite a few classes here and there at community colleges, and those instructors tend to be part-time, and have a full-time job in the field they're teaching. They're usually the most knowledgeable, and actually WANT to be there. Not always the case with tenured professors...don't get me started ;-)
monkeyinabarrel monkeyinabarrel 8 years
i would love to be professor, but high school and younger are not my thing
jkat jkat 8 years
I would be a law professor. I would never be a "teacher" for K-12 kids. Yikes!
Calimie Calimie 8 years
I'm finishing my studies in order to be a teacher of English in high school. I want to motivate them and make a difference, I had some *terrible* English teachers myself. My biggest worries? That they won't care about the subject and their parents, the awful ones who think their little darlings are perfect.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I am already studying to be a's the only career that I feel that I could be good at.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 8 years
From age 5-11 I wanted to be a grade school teacher. However now is a different story. While I do like children (the nice ones ;) ) I just do not have the patience to be a teacher and the is a key skill needed. Besides, while it would be rewarding, my bank account wouldn't be too rewarded,lol.
PinkTulip PinkTulip 8 years
I am a school counselor which means I teach but not the typical stuff,I get paid to work from 8:15 until 2:30 but because there is so much work to do and so many interruptions in the day-I put in an EXTRA UNPAID 10 hours a week, some teachers leave as soon as the bell rings...but some don't. working in education is not for the weak! but I do get summers and extended holiday time off! two weeks in October baby!! then more in December/Feb/April!
Mesayme Mesayme 8 years
I didn't consider being a teacher until my daughter was in jr. high and she and her friends would say to me 'now, if my teacher explained it like that, I'd like the class'... I realize now I'd be great teaching jr. high social sciences. But now, to pay to finish...not so easy.
ann418 ann418 8 years
I wouldn't do anything else in the world other than teach. :)
sweetpeabrina sweetpeabrina 8 years
I'm a teacher. I agree with melizzle about the pay/experience thing. The pay issue is huge for me. I'm a good teacher but get paid less than bad teachers just because they've been working in education longer or have more degrees. I'm putting in another year and then I'm done. I have to work in an environment where I get paid based on my worth.
ehadams ehadams 8 years
I wouldn't mind teaching adults but not children or teenagers.
aylee aylee 8 years
Only as a professor maybe.
allesethomson allesethomson 8 years
I've always toyed with the idea of being teacher. Teachers have been some of the most motivating, life changing people in my experience. It's definitely a career path I would like to take in my life. What is stopping me is having to go back to school for the credential and the fact that I am so young (23). I think I would be more suited with more life experience under my belt. Further, this is a good age to try out the corporate/business world experiences... a teacher seems like an ideal job to end up with, at least for me.
skigurl skigurl 8 years
i love kids, but i was never interested in being a teacher at all (even professor, even though i enjoy academia) my brother and sister both are studying to be teachers though! and they'd both be awesome at it! but everyone agrees i wouldn't be!
fancifulfabi fancifulfabi 8 years
I agree with "big", I'd love to teach as a professor. I imagine the stress of dealing with so many unmotivated, disrespectful kids in grade school wouldn't be worth the pay. If I can teach people who are at least somewhat interested in the topic I am teaching (in my case, I'd love to teach Art History), then it would make so much more easy to live with on a day-to-day basis. Plus, having all summer free sounds pretty awesome :)
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 8 years
Not unless I was a professor at a well-established university or liberal arts college.
lizs lizs 8 years
I tutor part-time, so I'm able to do my "real" job as my 9-5 and get my teaching fix at night or on the weekends. Pays well, and I know I'm making a difference.
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
My sister teaches 2nd grade and I definitely think it takes a special type of person to teach young children. I'm always amazed by the stuff she has to put up with. There's always at least one hellraiser in each class and I swear she always get's the craziest. Like the 2nd grader who never would do any work (I mean, it's 2nd grade so it's not like essays or anything) and during the parent teacher conference, she talked to the father (single dad) about it and he said he didnt see why it mattered, he was a fence builder and his son was going to be too. This is Second Grade!!! jeez. But I would like to teach, I think I might like older kids though so I could focus on one area, like music or something.
hmcmcd hmcmcd 8 years
yes, I always think about it. I even applied after I graduated from college but I didn't even get ONE interview. My brother is a teacher (for 13 years now)and he is always considering leaving, the problem is since he has been teaching for 13 years, he would really have to start at the bottom in the corporate world and probably make less money than he makes as a teacher.
melizzle melizzle 8 years
Been there, done that. What I couldn't stomach about teaching was the fact that no matter how good of a teacher you were, your pay was solely based on time put in and education. I don't thrive in environments like that.
SugarKat SugarKat 8 years
I went to school to be a teacher and it sucked. It just wasn't for me. I'm all for office politics, but I student taught at a yuppy prep school for a bunch of morons whose parent's bailed them out even when they didn't listen to the assignment. Nevermind that it sucked your whole life from you... I did get kicked out of that first school and the public school I taught at after that was full of professor's children who were great and promising.
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
mmm no, I use to volunteer with my roommate who was a kindergarten teacher - the parents were worse than the kids. I may consider teaching college one day but HS and under - no.
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