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Would You Invest in a Life Coach?

Would You Invest Money in a Life Coach?

Sometimes people need direction and guidance in their careers. But are life coaches the answer? For starters, having a life coach will definitely make the "Where do you see yourself in five years?" question a lot easier to answer. Life coaching can help with your self reflection and figuring out your career aspirations, but the key is to find the right one. You don't want to blow money on someone that's not helpful.

What do you think — would you invest in a life coach?

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Jeanne-at-TCC Jeanne-at-TCC 5 years
The article is right on - you should be picky to get the perfect coach for you. The bottom line is - a coach is like a mirror for you. They help you see perspectives that are right there in front of you currently, but that you don't see - yet. The coach also comes to the table armed with tools and techniques to help you get to your goals. At The Coach Connection what we do exactly what you've stated in this article. We personally match each client with 3 coaches, so the client finds the right coach for them. You should consider a coach that has many years of experience and the coach should know how to coach correctly...they should not teach, train or tell you what to do - that's consulting, not coaching. But also the client needs to be ready to be coach - and, have goals that are coachable - we'll help you figure this out. The BEST place to find your perfetc coach is The Coach Connection.
BettyBlue22 BettyBlue22 5 years
I've been toying with the idea of budgeting for a career/life coach. I have plenty of ideas and motivation but the accountability is where I'm lacking. There are a few online tools, but I would prefer a live person too. I found a few in my area just by googling it. if that doesn't work, try searching for one on LinkedIn.
imariec imariec 5 years
I have no idea how to find a life coach. Also looking for a financial coach - help! I'd rather someone "live" so if you have any recommendations in South Florida send them my way, please!!
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