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Ask Savvy: It It Wrong to Omit a Job From My Resume?

Dear Savvy,

I am starting a job search and wondering how to handle something on my resume. This Winter, I took a second job working part-time at a major retailer. My father had a stroke when I was at my regular (full-time) job, so of course I rushed to his side! Unfortunately, in all the rush, I forgot to call in to my second job! They fired me, obviously.

I wasn't planning to include that job on my resume because it has nothing to do with the jobs I am applying to, and I didn't have a gap in employment. But a friend of mine told me that employers may find out about this job in other ways, and I'll look like I'm trying to cover it up! I still think I should leave it off. What is your opinion?

Savvy says: I respectfully disagree with your friend. To see why,


There's no reason to include a part-time job that is unrelated to your job search. It may raise suspicious questions if you failed to include your last full-time job, but in this situation you're not hiding something major.

Employers want to receive resumes that are tailored to the position for which you're applying, so leaving off a part-time stint that you simply had for the extra cash won't do you any harm. In fact, it might leave you with a better shot at getting that interview, because the applicable experience on your resume isn't cluttered by the irrelevant description of your part-time job. Proceed with a clear conscience, and good luck with your job search!


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