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Are You Able to Grow With Your Current Employer?

If you've been watching the Rachel Zoe Project, you're more than aware that Taylor is convinced she's unable to grow in her current position. It's making her more frustrated and resentful as the days go by. Can you relate; are you able to grow with your employer?

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snarkypants snarkypants 8 years
i'd just like to point out that i work for a tiny non-profit and am the only staff member. so there are no other positions for me to take within the company. yee haw
luna08 luna08 8 years
I'm definitely growing in my job tasks and career development. Money, however....that's been put on the back burner until we pull out of this crisis.
CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
I thought I could when I first got the job, but two years later I'm not so sure. I'm still working a mere 10 hours a week unless it's summer, then I get maybe 4. I got certification in my field (a two year endeavor) and have not been given a raise or promotion to reflect that. Although they assured me all this could happen when I was first hired. Now they want me to work on extra projects without extra compensation. Maybe I can put them on my resume? I'm definitely looking, but the sad thing is I've yet to find anything better.
cashmere80 cashmere80 8 years
I can't grow with my company and it can be really frustrating. I try to alleviate this by thinking about the contacts I'm making and the work experience I'm carving out in any area I can... I do however feel totally misled as my job title and duties are NOT aligned despite frequent promises that they would is difficult as I consider myself a determined go-getter who needs (and excels) with challenges, but as a young(ish);) single female quitting right now is not an options...postitive thoughts tho!!!!!
babysoftpink babysoftpink 8 years
lilkimbo, I know you secretly enjoy my plant analogy. :) Anyhow, your points noted. Wish you a wonderful rest of the day. ;)
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
Babysoft, you are not understanding my points in the least. My point is that, just because there is no room for growth in the future, doesn't mean that you can't be satisfied in your current position. I don't see where you're getting anything about companies being dishonest; obviously, if people know there is no room for growth, the company has been honest with them at some point. And, companies are supposed to adhere to their own objectives. They can't be constantly promoting everyone, or the companies would run out of money and be forced out of business. Additionally, as I thought was clear, not everyone can just quit their job and move to a new position. It's great that you and your friends seem to be people of such means, but most people aren't. Most people can't quit a job simply because they can't grow and still be able to survive monetarily while looking a new job. Finding a job is hard enough, to quit a job that you need to survive simply because you won't be able to grow in the future is ridiculous. :oy: I can't believe I'm continuing to go along with your ridiculous plant analogy, but I'll repeat my point again. It's better to let the plant not grow for a while then to just let it die entirely.
babysoftpink babysoftpink 8 years
lilkimbo - I understand your point of view but again we are simply viewing the situation from very different diverge point. I understand that some need to be put food and pay bills but there are definitely more than one way or income stream in this entire world that one can tap into to provide for themselves and their family. There are more than one position created within the company and outside the company that will meet the needs of both the employee and the employer. When I speak of growth, I am referring to a place where there is no upward mobility, you've had all the necessary education, experiences, client volumes and ROI to deliver and had achieved all the targets for the company but yet you just can't move higher into the next level. As you said, move the plant, seek an opportunity elsewhere in the world. It makes perfect sense to allow those who want growth to have it. WE are meant to be happy and fulfilled in our lives. Career is only a small part of it. Additionally, being honest and forthcoming to the employee that s/he has reached the highest level allowed in an organization and letting them the opportunities to find greater and better things aren't equate to letting the plant die, you gain respect from the employee. You gain respect as you are not misrepresenting to the employee or taking him/her advantage. 5 year is a long time and we don't have that very many 5 years in our prime so seizing the opportunity to change is just being diligent to your own career development. In fact, when the plant wants growth and when the person needs that challenge and not receiving the nourishment it needs would shorten its life span. Research has been done that psychological discomfort (not seeing hope in the current position) could develop and manifest in physical discomfort (headache, back ache, depression w/ loss of appetite, etc.) No job is worth that amount of struggle. Holding onto something that stifle its growth and dampen its confidence for the sole purpose of adhering to the company's own objective that benefits no one but the employer, you are not being respectful to the employee's potential and helpful to your employee sanity. You never know, if you truly wish their success and not restrict them to find better things, perhaps, they will bring clients back to the old firm remembering the encouragement the former employer once gave to allow for a life changing experience for him or her when s/he so needed it.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
It is a luxury, babysoft, because some people have to work in order to be able to have food and shelter; they don't have the option of quitting because there isn't growth available a their current place of employment. Sometimes people have to "be stuck" and "allow stagnation to continue" so they can, you know, eat and have somewhere to sleep at night. And your analogy about a plant makes no sense (and yes, I get what you're trying to say, but I think you're making a poor analogy). However, going with that analogy, you could put something over a plant that would limit its growth, allow it to grow up to that point, and then move the plant so its growth is no longer limited. On the same token, you could learn what you need to learn from one position and then move to another company when need be. Additionally, it would be better to have a smaller plan than the let the plant die entirely. And how does no possible upward movement equate to being replaceable by a machine? Again, that makes no sense whatsoever. I have a friend who is a reporter/writer. A machine certainly couldn't do her job, but she knows that when she wants to move up, she will have to look for a job at another company. As people, we do need to grow and change to gain fulfillment. However, we also need to start at a certain level in our careers and learn everything we need to know at that level before moving up. A job may help you learn the skills you need in order to advance to the next level, even if you won't be advancing at that company. It's ridiculous to call a company ruthless simply because they don't have the resources to allow everyone to advance within the company. :oy:
snarkypants snarkypants 8 years
nope, and as much as i would love to get up and quit, there's no way i can do that financially. all i can do now is hope that somebody sees my crappy resume and decides to hire me. i've only been trying for five years, so there's hope...somewhere.
babysoftpink babysoftpink 8 years
lilkimbo, I am happy to hear that you have many friends who are happy where they are without growth in their positions. We are just simply viewing the matter from a very different perspective. My thoughts are as we are humans thus we are created to desire growth where ever we are to be satisfied and reaching our highest potential is crucial to feel fulfillment. Look at a plant, how do you feel if you put a glass on it and limit its growth when it has the potential of reaching beyond the ceiling? It maybe convenient to put the glass on top for the employer but it does not do the employee justice if s/he has way more to offer than what their current position allows them. We are not machines that are created to repeat the same thing over and over without any possible upward movement. If that is the case, there is a position can be replaced by machine, there is no need for a human employee. I have my own small business on the side and my philosophy has always been that I want to help each and every one of those employees to succeed in whatever way that is fulfilling for them, including pushing them to set goals and reaching for their next level. Because I believe that if I help them succeed, my business will flourish with success as well. If they can't grow with me, I see myself as ruthless if I keep having them and restricting them in a position that I can no longer provide success for them. I will let them go to seek opportunities that would further their success in terms of growing to their highest potential and become the person that they are driven to be. It does not matter the circumstances, if they are determined to grow, there are plenty of opportunities to allow this to happen. We are never stuck unless we allow the stagnation to continue. I don't view my friend's case as luxury, I see it as if she choose this path to be the happiest person she can be, she well deserves that path.
Antioxidant Antioxidant 8 years
Yes and No. They only hire up from inside the company, but it seems like there is hardly ever an opportunity to move up. If you ponder the change for more than a day, you will most likely be too late.
syako syako 8 years
I agree with lil. Plus, a lot of times you may be at a company where you can't grow, but you have to get that experience to get a higher position anywhere else. I see my job now as a stepping stone to another higher position down the road, but I know that I need this experience before I can get there.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
Even though I can grow with my current employer, babysoft, I have to disagree. It's great that your friend was able to quit her job to take care of her family and travel, but that's a luxury not everyone can afford. Also, just because you can't grow with your employer doesn't mean your employer is ruthless. I have plenty of friends who know they can't grow with their current employers, but are still happy where they are now and are making great career contacts.
Erika-Giselle Erika-Giselle 8 years
when watching the show i relate 100% to taylor's lament. i can't grown anymore in my position either. it's so extremely frustrating to be doing the same thing i dod when i started 3 years ago.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
I definitely am able to grow with my current employer; I work in a field where, if they like you enough, they'll find a way for you to grow with them, even if it means creating a new position.
syako syako 8 years
Yes I believe so.
Advah Advah 8 years
No, and I can't even work on things that would make my CV more interesting. This has been incredibly frustrating for the last year and a half, but it's just helped me score a currently freelance position that could lead to something great (fingers crossed), so I feel much better about having to print my boss' papers. :)
Spectra Spectra 8 years
Yep, I'm able to grow with my employer too. In about a year, I can begin my promotion process and take my certification exam to become an official med tech. Plus, my employer has a lot of other options available to me if I do decide to go into a different area.
babysoftpink babysoftpink 8 years
Yes. She took over 1,700 pictures and had been posting them online for us to see. As far as costs are concerned, her ticket is free from frequent mileage on the business class. Her previous employer sent her to seminars, client meetings and trips all over the world in the last 2 years and she has been saving the miles for something like this for a while. She purchased basic hotel rooms but from being a loyal patron and knowing the people at the hotel, she got upgrades to suites free of charge. The entire trip did not cost her a fortune for sure.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
must be nice to have the time and money to tour Europe for 2 weeks.
babysoftpink babysoftpink 8 years
If the answer is "NO" perhaps the best thing that could have happened in life is not to be with them. I know a friend who resigned even in this economy and found peace taking care her family. She has shifted her focus into creating a beautiful and wonderful life at home with her family. I don't have a family so I am learning to relate to that but she is so beautiful and has just had the luxury to tour in Europe for 2 weeks. Love love her life and how much of a blessing not to be at a mercy of a ruthless employer. :) Blessings...
runningesq runningesq 8 years
Yup. In a couple years I'll move up to handling felonies (rapes, murders, roberies, etc)
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