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Dear Sugar--
Last night a good friend and I drove over an hour to the airport to pick up another friend of ours and then back home to drop her off, and her plane didn't come in until almost midnight, over an hour later than she originally told us. Anyways, on our way home we had to stop and get gas and it cost $50 to fill up the tank. We were making side comments on how expensive gas was, and how it took more than a 1/4 of a tank to get her, yet she never offered to give us gas money. Is there a way to ask for something like that and still stay polite? We're all at the age where we are in college or just finished and money is always tight. ---Scraping By Sascha

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Dear Scraping By Sascha --

I can understand your frustration with your friend, but it sounds like you are more irritated with her lack of gratitude than the money at hand. Oftentimes mixing friends with money is a bad idea, and since you offered to pick her up at the airport, I would say that paying for the gas and dealing with the delay is included in that offer.

While it would have been a nice gesture for your friend to pay for the gas, I don't think it is appropriate for you to ask her to pitch in, especially after the fact. After sitting through a long flight, I am sure gas money wasn't the first thing on her mind, although a heartfelt thank you should have been. I understand what it's like to be strapped for cash, so next time she asks you to pick her up at the airport, perhaps you should decline being your friend's personal chauffeur.


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