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Dear Sugar,

I work in a large corporation with over 300 employees. Recently my immediate supervisor asked me out on a date. I declined the offer because our company has a strict no-fraternizing in or out of the workplace policy. We have a good work rapport and although I think he's extremely good looking, I didn't want to risk my job or make things awkward at work, especially if other co-workers got wind of it. I have nothing against him, and I want to remain friendly, but did I do the right thing by declining the date? Are things going to be even more weird that I turned him down? I feel like this was a lose-lose situation. — Put in an Awkward Position Poppy

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Dear Put in an Awkward Position Poppy,

Since your company has a strict policy about interoffice dating, I absolutely think you did the right thing. Having a good work rapport with your boss is an extremely important relationship to maintain so in order to keep things from becoming awkward, try to act as normal as possible. Don't skip a beat the next time you see him in the hallway or in a meeting — carry on acting like he never asked you out in the first place. Chances are he feels a lot more unsettled about his inappropriate advance than you do so do your part to put it behind you, and hopefully he'll take your lead and do the same.

If your boss does make things difficult for you as a way of punishment for turning him down, I'd talk to HR immediately. Make them aware of your situation so they can take the appropriate next steps. Although this was a compromising position to be put in, hopefully he'll have the maturity to move forward like nothing ever happened.


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