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Dear Sugar,

I was recently asked to be the godmother of my cousin's first baby. I was thrilled and honored, and I accepted without any hesitation.

After telling a few of my close friends about my exciting news, I got a rather strange reaction that left me feeling awkward and slightly confused. They asked why she picked me because I "don't have enough money to spend on a godchild." Yes, I'm still in med school and I'm on a tight budget, but in my opinion, being a godmother is all about loving your godchild, trying to always be there for the child, taking the time to do things together and letting them know that they can always count on you. Of course, giving presents comes with the job, and I will enjoy spoiling him every now and then when I have more money, but my friends seem to think I am not fit for the job.

What do you think? Should I welcome the challenge regardless of my current financial situation or am I really just not fit for this role? — Conflicted Connie

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Dear Conflicted Connie,

Being a godmother means something different to everyone, but I happen to agree with your definition of the term — being there for the kids, loving them unconditionally, and being their confidant. It sounds like your friends have a different opinion, but remember that your cousin asked you to be this person in her child's life because she thinks you fit the bill.

Your first instincts were of joy and happiness, so don't let their judgment make you second-guess yourself. Embrace the challenge and just take it one day at a time. You won't be a student forever — one day you'll be able to spoil this child with gifts, but in the meantime, spoil him with love — that's what really matters. Good luck!


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