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You Asked: Should I Tell Them I'm Pregnant?

You Asked: Should I Tell Them I'm Pregnant?

Dear Sugar,

Our whole department got laid-off last Thursday. I now need to find a job (in retail) right before the Holiday season and I am 16 weeks pregnant.

When interviewing for a job, when do I tell them I am pregnant? I have every intention of returning to work after maternity leave (thanks to our mortgage). I also know they cannot discriminate on people who are pregnant but I don't want to lie, so do I tell them when they make me an offer? Do I wait until after I have started the new job? Or during the interview when they ask me if I have any other questions, should I tell them then? — Knocked up Nancy

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Dear Knocked up Nancy,

Legally, you don't have to divulge that you are expecting, so the choice is ultimately up to you. Although you want to be honest, rest assured that not telling them doesn't make you a liar, it makes you realistic. Of course, potential employers aren't supposed to discriminate about pregnancy when deciding if they want to hire you, but let's be real here, I'm sure it's something they consider even if they aren't supposed to.

You sound like a very hard working woman who is going to be dedicated to the job, so if I were you, I would keep quiet. The holidays are the busiest time of the year in the retail business so if you're able to perform all your job responsibilities and tasks at that time, I say take the job and wait until you're one hundred percent comfortable before telling them about your pregnancy. Good luck to you!


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