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You Asked: We're Engaged But Where Should We Get Married?

You Asked: We're Engaged But Where Should We Get Married?

Dear Sugar,

I'm recently engaged (yay!), and my fiance and I are currently planning our wedding. We met in college and moved to a city where neither one of us has family. We've since made a ton of friends and feel that we have found our new home. Although we love where we live, we've both always dreamed about having a destination wedding. I know attending weddings is expensive, but since we don't have family where we live, most everyone will have to travel no matter where we get married since we don't want to do it in either one of our hometowns. I know this is our personal decision to make, but I wanted to see if you had any pointers. — Engaged Emily

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Dear Engaged Emily,

Since you're the ones getting married, the location is ultimately up to you and your fiance; however, the farther you ask people to travel, the smaller the turnout will most probably be. Like you said, attending weddings is incredibly expensive, so if you want everyone on your list to attend, I advise you to pick a venue close to where most of your guests live. If you don't care how big your wedding is, by all means shoot for the stars!

I've been to my fair share of destination weddings and they've all been a blast, but I felt the financial hangover for months. If you do go that route, most hotels offer discounted rates if you block off a certain number of rooms. I would also recommend sending out your save the date notices, along with travel information (phone numbers, hotel options, rental car options, and flight options) as soon as you have the date set. The farther in advance your guests can reserve, the cheaper it will be.

Your wedding day is your special day to share with your loved ones, so even though you want to be accommodating to everyone, you need to do what you've always wanted. With that said, keep in mind that you will have some people decline your invitation, so keep a thick skin and realize that this may not necessarily be about you, but more about their pocketbooks.

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