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OnSugar Blog: You Don't Have to Be (100%) Qualified to Get a Job

This post, You Don't Have To Be (100%) Qualified To Get A Job, comes from OnSugar Blog Life: Forward.

How many of you will be perusing job listings this weekend?  Now that you've updated your resume (and if you haven't, check out our top tips to get it in shape), you're ready to start shopping... ahem, applying.

How do you decide whether to apply for a job?  Probably by making sure you meet all of the criteria listed, right?  Well, maybe that's not the right approach.

Among the many factors contributing to en earning more than women over the course of their careers is the fact that men will apply to a job if they meet as little as 60% of the criteria, while women will only apply if they meet 100 percent. Men earn more because they take a chance that the company listing the job will hire them despite the fact that they don't meet every single criteria in the job listing - and, based on the current wage gender gap, it clearly works.

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MisSocialworkER MisSocialworkER 6 years
Wow, I didn't that many people feel the same way Ive felt since getting out of uni... I mean its hard to land a job with a degree and post grad experience! This was my overarching attitude anyway, based on what others of said and what I have belived. This post has helped me a bit, I don't like tp have low confidence searching for jobs because I KKNOW THAT OTHER APPLICANT WILL BE FAR BETTER THAN ME..beacuse they have more experience. I will definitelt try and apply for jobs even when I feel I am not fully qualified, who is? Very few. In fact, I have heard that if a company asks' for 1-2 years experience and you out 7 yrs experience- you might not get hired because you are OVERQUALIFIED -and unaffordable(gosh wish that was my circumstance!) In this case, its better to put over 3 OR 4 years experience. Thanks for sharing Shayna/commenters. x
ShaynaLeah ShaynaLeah 6 years
RoaringSilence - make sure when you write your cover letters that beyond stressing your willingness to learn you also stress past experiences/other qualifications that make you suited for the job --- that way employers see you as someone who is already a great fit, and willing to continue to learn/grow.
Marshmelly411 Marshmelly411 6 years
@melabelle exact same thing here (except with my boyfriend). Always sent me job apps that I wouldn't pay attention to because I didn't meet all the requirements. And he also ended up getting a job that he applied for even though a Master's degree was required, which he didn't it definitely works! Also, OT but my nickname when I was little was "mel belle" :) haha
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
I have had trouble finding any jobs at all, and after a while started applying at places that needed some things I couldn't do. I figured if the company needs someone, they'll take me even if I can only do part of the job. I always make sure to stress in the cover letter that I'm willing and capable to learn other qualifications.
ShaynaLeah ShaynaLeah 6 years
Glad it was helpful - When I found this out it totally changed how I looked at job hunting - and wow, what a confidence boost to know that it's not such a wild shot in the dark to give the "stretch" jobs a try!
melabelle melabelle 6 years
I've experienced this firsthand! Well, not the getting-a-job part, but the male-vs.-female mentality. Last year, I left my job with nothing lined up. A few weeks (okay, maybe a month and a half...) later, I resumed applying for things. I'd been putting in applications while still at that job, but I got impatient and fed up and just quit and took a break from it all. Anyway, my still-employed husband wanted to help, so he'd send me all sorts of postings for things he thought I could do. I can't count how many times I sent them back to him, stating that I didn't have X years of experience doing Y like they asked for. If he'd been in my same position, he obviously would have applied for them. And according to your stats, he might have gotten them, while I wrote them off as a waste of time since I didn't have 100% of the qualifications. Interesting stuff!
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