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Your Two Cents: Do You Keep Emergency Cash on Hand?

Most of you have some money saved for emergencies, and if needed, all it takes is a trip to the ATM or bank to withdraw your funds.

Ryot mentioned that in addition to their emergency fund, she and her husband keep another, smaller stash of cash on hand.

We also have a small amount of emergency evacuation cash, in the bag with the food, water, flashlight, ID docs, etc. Having both makes me feel safer, though obviously I could be doing much better with the interest rate thing . . .


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Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years
Yes I do! I have about $1000ish for if something big and bad happens... But I make enough money to usually never have to touch that. And I try to add to it too with every paycheck. But for instances like this month - my radiator blew and cost me $500 - I couldn't add money to that account. But at least I had enough leftover after bills and mortgage and stuff to pay for it!
Fiend Fiend 8 years
i have about $15 in my car for gas or another emergency when im on the road, and i am working on saving cash in my house for a rainy day.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
No, not on hand. Our extra cash reserve is in the bank.
nancita nancita 8 years
No, but I can't believe it actually. I'm going to put some cash in my earthquake kit asap!
nnayap nnayap 8 years
I dont have one, but that is a solid idea. Perhaps it's time to start the emergency emergency stash.
iHeartU83 iHeartU83 8 years
Honestly i don't have any emergency money...this is sad but true...
SDTransplant SDTransplant 8 years
I am also afraid of getting robbed or pickpocketed but perhaps I should think about hiding a few hundred here and there just in case. It sounds like a good precautionary measure based on what everyone else has said here.
soulight soulight 8 years
No I don't and do you know how many times I get yelled at from my mom about that. :-D Sometimes I don't even have any cash in my wallet and that's not from lack of cash in my bank account. I actually have 2 checking accounts because in my mind that increases the number of ATMs I can use surcharge free in addition to a couple of savings accounts. I have an opposite fear, some feel safer keeping their money underneath the mattress, I like to keep it all in the bank. Also I'm afraid of getting mugged/ robbed in my apartment and it's easier to replace cards than cash in my opinion. But my mother has said numerous times that i shouldn't take the chance that a day wil come that I will not be able to get to an ATM so I need to have a stash for emergencies.
skigurl skigurl 8 years
i have random stashes of cash in random places, like sometimes i'll keep a $20 in the car if i need gas or a $50 in my wallet and then i'll find it sometime when i need it...but i dont have a specific fund of emergency cash, but thankfully i make enough that money is never an issue and it's not like without the emergency cash i'd be broke or anything
okmom23 okmom23 8 years
I always have an emergency stash in a few places. Living in "tornado alley" I like to be prepared.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i used to ALWAYS keep 'safety' money in my wallet - like $100 bill or something, but one of my friends had an emergency and needed to be towed and had to pay in cash, so that's where my funds went - and i've never replenished it. i think that by keeping the larger bill - i woudln't ever spend it - so that was the best way to go. i need to start doing that again though. just in case
aistea311 aistea311 8 years
I used to have all my birthday and holiday money in a wallet in the closet, behind a table. I put that away in a CD, and now I have emergency money in the car and money in my bookshelf. It isnt a lot, but it is enough in case a hurricane knocks out the power and I cant get to an ATM.
dcfashionista dcfashionista 8 years
I have a few dollars stashed in cash an emergency arises.
ayuninur ayuninur 8 years
Hootie Hootie 8 years
Yep. I always have $1,000 stashed in case of an emergency.
itsme3683 itsme3683 8 years
I'm with Mamarosa--I have $20 in my car and in my house for an emergency, but I should keep some with the water-and-flashlights kit... I live in LA in a building which is probably not the first place I want to be in an earthquake, and having a little cash is probably a good idea.
faerymagick15 faerymagick15 8 years
we try to but we almost always end up using it for something else!
Mamarosa Mamarosa 8 years
I keep $20's stashed in funny places - in my car glovebox, in books at home, in my purse next to my emergency bandaids, etc. I find it useful in a pinch when I can't get to an atm.
oliveoyle625 oliveoyle625 8 years
I agree with Bellaressa
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
No I don't, I never even thought about it. But I definteley think this is something I'd like to start!
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
Sadly I do not. I have a jar of change ---mostly quarters that I have at home. I am afraid to have cash on me b/c I am afraid I may get robbed. I carry as little as possible.
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