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Your Two Cents: Do You Pick Up Change on the Street?

See a penny, pick it up? Marketplace interviewed one family of four who collected more than $1,000 in 2008 by picking up coins on the street. If you're worried about germs, the mom Barbara has her family covered and said, "We're all looking around. You know, we have our glasses; we have our Purell bottles; we have our little change purses." Do you keep a look out for coins when you're out and about?


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peterdeon peterdeon 7 years
I found $350 on the ground at a ski area once. It hurts not to pick up money-even pennies
shaie shaie 8 years
on the floor wherever, yes i do
sageflower sageflower 8 years
I totally pick up coins on the street. It adds up! It's funny how many people often comment if they see you doing it. I go by the research which shows that people who consider themselves "lucky" tend to be more observant, and hence more likely to spot money on the street! (Can't remember who did the research, but it involved asking people to count the number of photos in a newspaper. People who considered themselves "lucky" were more likely to spot the huge ad on page 3 which said "Stop counting, there are 48 photos.")
MzKita MzKita 8 years
Wow, guess I now have a reason to start! :)
Modus-Vivendi Modus-Vivendi 8 years
$1,000? I never did before but maybe I will now.
i-am-awesomeness i-am-awesomeness 8 years
I live in NYC and I don't think the title of the story is so exact. There usually isn't any change in the middle of street, not anywhere! But yes, I pick up pennies and other change I see on the sidewalk. I'm saving up for something special :)
anakiya anakiya 8 years
I pick up change but I don't think I've ever found $1,000 worth of change. Wow, I have to pay more attention.
chow chow 8 years
i usually wont pick up anything i find on the street. im a huge germaphobe.
BabyBearCutie BabyBearCutie 8 years
I pick up coins on the street, the other day on my way to work I found a nice soaking wet $5 bill. I stuck that right in my pocket. I have the *man piggy bank* i used it to put spare change in as a way of saving. so i spend the cash, and drop the coins in here. and only tap into it if i really need too. which isnt off.
Colleeninator Colleeninator 8 years
I pick up all the change I see, and it adds up, but I REALLY don't think what I find laying around adds up to $1000 over a year.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
Only if it's a dime, quarter or more...I don't bother for nickels and pennies.
insanitypepper insanitypepper 8 years
If I ever saw anything larger than a penny, I would pick it up. I think everyone else must beat me to it.
lauren lauren 8 years
Only if it is heads up!
ohkristy ohkristy 8 years
When I worked in an area with metered parking, I was always picking up change. Now I'm back to only picking up head's up pennies and only when I'm having a crappy day and could use the luck.
gbychan gbychan 8 years
LOL I even bend down to pick up pennies, but I get it from my mom. She has a special knack for finding coins everywhere...But I don't think she's ever come close to finding $1,000!
shannonsimpson shannonsimpson 8 years
I'm a germaphobe, so picking up change on the street ---- no way!
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 8 years
I rarely see change lying around but if I do, I usually pick it up. I might start paying it more attention now though
homekeeper homekeeper 8 years
As the saying goes "take care of the pennies and the dollars take care of themselves". So yes, I pick up change, even pennies!
candace87 candace87 8 years
Of course. It makes me a little mad when people throw away change. I've seen people just take their change from the cashier and throw it in the garbage. Why not just say keep the change? Why not give it to me!!?
Dhorwich Dhorwich 8 years
Coins are the street are great for parking meter change to keep in my car. Free parking! And as others have said, it really does add up over time.
wackdoodle wackdoodle 8 years
I pick up change off the street (pennies included) however there is a San Francisco caveat. I don't pick up change that is in any "bum juice". "Bum juice" a suspicious liquid or other substance on the sidewalk that is flowing away from a building with no obvious source.
oh yes, we all pick up everything you find, then sing that song....
Antioxidant Antioxidant 8 years
Yep, any coins of any value I will pick up and put to use.
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