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2 Husbands with Zach Slow and Tanner

Want $50k and an Amazing New Husband?

So my two old friends from my advertising days started a contest. You can compete to win $50,000 and one of them as your new husband. The men up for grabs are Zach and Tanner. Trust me when I say they are complete sweethearts and really fun guys. Any woman would be lucky to marry one of them. The last time Zach ventured into the online world he scored himself $10,000 to go on a date of a lifetime with Lady Sovereign. I think this venture is way cooler only because I am not a huge fan of the rapper, but I am of these guys. The other fun part of the contest - you get to vote on the women you want to win the game. Check out more here about Zach and Tanner and all the ladies in the running so far. Should be interesting to watch this whole thing unfold.

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