Besides some good performances like JT and B, the rest of the evening was pretty tame. No major shocking events unless you consider Axl Rose blessing us with his presence as newsworthy (we don't). Jack Black was great, and the Tenacious D bits were a bonus. We got a kick out of Pink winning for her Stupid Girl video and mocking her tabloid girls right in front of one of them. Lil' Kim making fun of herself was a good laugh. She sure seems excited to be back on the stage and good for her for actually wearing clothes. We hate those half naked outfits she likes to wear at events. As for the Pussycat Dolls, did they really win? They are the cheapest imitation of the Spice Girls. They do not deserve to be taking home any moon mans. Bad MTV, shame on you.

Oh, and dare we say that Fergie actually looked cute dancing it up with Little Miss Sunshine. I know, we never thought we would write a sentence with "Fergie" and "cute" in it - ever.

Tons of pics from the evening so

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