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The Royals
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The Royals
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puffaroo puffaroo 9 years
I would really love to see Feist pick up an award. Her competition is strong, though.
joidamour joidamour 9 years
I love Taylor Swift! Yeah, she looks insanely tall next to Fergie, who looks particularly un-hot my comparison ;)
askmetostay askmetostay 9 years
every award show she's been at, someone always puts taylor next to someone really short!!
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
blah blah blah.
febe febe 9 years
party like a rockstar is such an annoying song.
indielove indielove 9 years
I can't stand Akon. Completely overrated. Fergie is quite irritating also.
smp7328 smp7328 9 years
Yay Maroon 5 on their Grammy Noms!!!!
bebe82 bebe82 9 years
i'm kinda rooting for Kanye to finally win something...he deserves arrogant as he is...
maximumblonde maximumblonde 9 years
I love Taylor Swift...she's adorable...and yes she's hella tall and thin
jmast jmast 9 years
Taylor Swift is like 5'11 and still growing so she's tall. And I think Fergie is between 5'2 and and 5'4.
geenbean geenbean 9 years
Does anyone else think fergie looks ridiculously small next to taylor swift? Is she that short and taylor that tall?
tiabia tiabia 9 years
Nominations aren't based on personal life. I'm not sure what the basis is though, because Akon...seriously...he gets nominated and there are hundreds of better R&B albums put out, but I guess commercial (read as crossover) success = grammy nod.
Fancy04 Fancy04 9 years
I'm surprised-She is wasted most of the time.
iAMthefuture iAMthefuture 9 years
hope amy gets her act together the press should leave her alone so she can get her life sorted out in peace. kanye west has such a big EGO!!!he needs to come back down to earth
Karma-Co Karma-Co 9 years
Love Kanye, Fergie and Amy... Only Amy's music, not her life choices.
girlgreen girlgreen 9 years
A Grammy is worth less than nothing when people like Fergie and Akon are nominated.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
Why in the world is Nelly Furtado nominated for best Pop Vocal Performance for "Say it Right"????? The song might have been slightly catchy, but she just talks in a croaky voice through out it. That is an award for the vocal performance, not the song writing, so I think the nomination is so uncalled for. So many other songs should have been nominated in it's place.
indielove indielove 9 years
Yeah, Kanye has a huge ego but he's THAT good. They just always pass on him for God knows what reason. Maybe he think it's a conspiracy, it could be. He's always on top of the game, ever since he started. He just wants recognition. Who doesn't? Maybe it's more important to him than others but I can't completely hate someone who speaks their mind and challenges stuff. At least he's not self-destructive, he just gets better and better and they can't deny it, that's why he gets Grammy nods. I, too, think the Grammys suck ass but it means something to the people who work hard doing what they love to do. I'm really not Kanye fan but I can't deny that he knows what he doing and I usually like his singles.
nomerz nomerz 9 years
The Grammys ARE a joke.
totonlaura totonlaura 9 years
I love Kanye's album and I rather he get a nomination than Brit.
Jen4Luck Jen4Luck 9 years
I do love Amy!
cnyc1a cnyc1a 9 years
Despite that Amy Winehouse is a Drug Induced Mess that album Back to Black is amazing. The lyrics are so raw and really capture the Pain of being in Love. It's really sad and disturbing that her addictions have taken over the talent she has. Just like Billie Holiday. Lady sings the Blues.
tiabia tiabia 9 years
Kanye's Graduation is truly a GREAT album, as is Amy Winehouse'. But, how is Amy Winehouse classified as a "New Artist", when she has had a full-length album (Frank) released 4 years ago?...making up their own rules, I see.
jmast jmast 9 years
Oops, I can't believe I wrote Grammies. LOL!!
jmast jmast 9 years
So much for not encouraging Amy Winehouse's self-destructive behavior. Doesn't she now go onstage drunk or high, forget her own lyrics and spit and curse out her fans? Can't wait to see her performance at the Grammies. :oy:
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