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2015 POPSUGAR 100 Favorite Star Under 30 Poll

POP 100: Who Is Your Favorite Star Under 30?

Emma Watson

It's that time of year again — the annual POPSUGAR 100! We're getting ready to unveil this year's list, and you can help by voting for your favorite stars in all of our POP 100 polls. Be sure to check back in to see where all the celebrities land on the list. How does it work? Read through to see photos of each nominee, then vote for your favorite star in the poll at the end!

Emma Watson empowers a generation of feminists, Kendall Jenner teaches us how to chase our career dreams, and Justin Bieber proves you can have a heart of gold even in the absence of everyone's approval. The common thread among these 20-somethings? For them, age is anything but a barrier to success. Read on to find and vote for the star under 30 who inspires you the most!

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