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TabbyCat2012 TabbyCat2012 7 years
Same here i cant wait..... and eclipse comes out on my moms birthday :)
teafeet teafeet 7 years
CAN WAIT!.................................FoR ThE MoViE.......CoMe OuT On JuNe 30 2010....
della-vaddin della-vaddin 7 years
GOSH!!! i can't wait until summer!!! aarrgghhh 2 months again del, it's okay ~_~ ROOBBB!!!! I LOVE YOUUUUU *.*
TabbyCat2012 TabbyCat2012 7 years
I hot that Eclipse will be a good movie 2 :) plus all the pictures of Edward, Bella, and Jacob r so nice and Edward and Jacob are so so so HOT!!!!!!!! ;)
Mesy Mesy 7 years
New Moon was so bad...I hope Eclipse we'll be great and as the first movie come to show the meaning of the saga: Edward&Bella love!!! plus Rob looks hot :)
emiad emiad 7 years
Please, let it be better than New Moon. I am the true fan of the saga, but I was so absolutely disappointed with New Moon :-(
bella-girl bella-girl 7 years
I think the movie will be the best yet. The make-up in NM was worse. but I don't like the ring, not even close to the book :( is it so impossible to find a ring that looks like the one in the book? maybe they haven't read it so many times as we have.
valerianise valerianise 7 years
I am happy for Eclipse :) Bella looks great!!!!!!
Malorie Malorie 7 years
So cant wait for Eclipse... so took work off to go see it!!! Seeing the trailor of Eclipse well at least what is shown, it looks like they are pretty close to the book, which I am happy about... I also cant wait for the cast to show off their ablility on this saga as I have heard its going to be action pack... =)
dana-stewart dana-stewart 7 years
Eclipse is my favorite book. And I'm so exciting to see the movie.
Pampire Pampire 7 years
It looks like it's going to be soooooo good! I'm really excited to see the fight scenes when the wolves and the vamps band together...and the newborns look very creepy! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!
chile68 chile68 7 years
I can't hardly wait!!! Team Edward FOREVER!!!!! Rob looks so handsome as Edward!! He is a cutie!!
misssdandelion misssdandelion 7 years
maerob maerob 7 years
Go Team Edward.....its Time to shine..............whewwwwwwwwww
maerob maerob 7 years
me too, Eclipse is my favorite.....i'm sooooo excited with the fight scene of Edward and Victoria...................
Celestina1 Celestina1 7 years
As I said it many times before, I hope Eclipse is better than New Moon. But I must confess...I saw the trailer & I still got chills...pathetic me? Of course!! I'm sooo excited!!!
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