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'90s Celebrity Crushes

Who Was Your First Celebrity Crush? 23 Women Reveal Who First Stole Their Heart

'90s Celebrity Crushes
Image Source: Everett Collection

Nobody forgets their first love. But while a lot of us know what it's like to actually be in a real relationship for the first time, our first crushes can sometimes have an even bigger impact . . . especially when it comes to celebrities. From a young Leonardo DiCaprio on Growing Pains to *NSYNC's unforgettable years to the many heartthrobs of the '90s, we young girls growing up back in the day had so many handsome guys to hang posters of on our bedroom walls.

We decided to ask our POPSUGAR colleagues about their first celebrity obsessions, and the results are both hilarious and painfully relatable. Keep reading to see who everyone daydreamed about (hint: Leo's slide is huge), then check out 74 things you totally did as a teenager in the 2000s.

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