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ABC Sunday as hot as superbowl

Well not that big, but the ratings were huge last night for ABC and the season finale of the hottest new shows this season. Everyone got answers and yes someone did die on Desperate Housewives.

I was actually sort of sad to see Rex killed off only because I was hoping for Bree to have love again and it looked like they were going to try hard to fix things. Next season expect a mystery to resolve around Rex's final note to Bree where he blames (and forgives) her for his death. She will then hopefully realize the weirdo pharmacist boy switched Rex's meds. It was nice to see Bree become human at the end of this season as she cried and mourned over her husband’s death, after cleaning the silver of course.

As for the Dana/Zach mystery - it's all cleared up now and who knew that Marry Ellis was actually the murderer. Hopefully Zach won't go off the deep end in the beginning of next season where he is still in the house with annoying Susan and now Mike. I heard next season Nicolette Sheridan character has a surprise return of a ex-husband and son - who knows if it's true but since she became a popular character they wanted to give her a larger role.

After DH was another fabulous Grey's Anatomy. I knew Patrick Dempsy had a wife - but I did not expect the stuck up, uptight woman that walked in to be her. I wonder what this will mean for next season.

Both shows kicked ass in the ratings with DH having almost 30M viewers and Grey's had almost 23M. Not a bad way to end the season. ABC must be insanely happy since 2 years ago they were struggling big time.

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