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i know this is not celebrity news,but this is a story that really touches me,maybe is because i'm a french born american and that anything affecting France somehow affects me Air France jet with 228 passengers on a flight to Paris vanished over the Atlantic Ocean after flying into towering thunderstorms and sending an automated message that the electrical system had failed.a vast searched began monday,but all aboard were feared killed.the 216 passengers include 126 men,82 women,7 children and a baby AIR FRANCE said.61 french,58 brazilians,30 other countries were represented including 2 americans.
at the Charles de Gaulles airport family members declined to talk as they should.the french president Nicolas Sarkozy said the causes remain unclear and that ''no hypothesis is being excluded''.he also told the family members of passengers of AIR France flight 447 that prospect of finding survivor are really ''small''.
Brazil president Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva expressed hope that ''the worst hasn't happened'' and said that ''we have to ask GOD'' to help find survivors.

if there are no survivors,it would be the world's worst aviation disaster since 2001.even though the tripled the search in hope to find survivors,they're coming to the conclusion that something catastrophic happened....

please let us do like the brazilian president said and pray if not for survivors but for them to find the plane so the family may be able to know what happened and be able to mourned.this is such a tragedy,i've been checking all day hoping that they will be some good news but my heart is heavy,cause as time goes by,they are losing hope of finding any survivors....let's pray for the victims and the family members.


infos from Charles de Gaulles airport in Roissy,the associated press reporters in Paris.

update:FERNANDO DE NORONHA,Brazil-an airplane seat, a fuel slick and pieces of white debris scattered over 3 miles of open ocean marked the site in the mid atlantic tuesday where Air France flight 447 plunged to its doom,Brazil defense Minister said.

''i can confirm that the five kilometers of debris are those of the Air France plane''defense minister Nelson Jobim told reporters at a hushed press conference in Rio.he said no bodies had been found and that they were no signs of life.
they are in a race to recover the debris and the all important black box recorders which emits signals for only 30days,so they are in a race against the clock to find it.hopefully they do so we can undestand what happened and see what could be done to prevent another tragedy of the sort to ever happen again.the cause of the crash won't be known until the find the black boxes.

several veterans pilots of big airliners said it was unlikely that flight 447's crew intended to punch through a killer storm.i agree i don't see any of the crew members risking their lives and the passengers lives over something this dangerous.

senior meteologist Henry Margusity said that ''anyone who is going there to try to salvage this airplane within the next couple of months,will have to deal with these big thunderstorms coming through on an almost daily basis'' ''you are talking about a monumental salvage effort''.

this tragedy is very sad and more than scary,i can't imagine what they went through or what their families are going through right now,especially now that we know that there isn't any chance of heart goes to anybody affected by this tragedy and i hope they find the black boxes so that our questions about the whys and what happened can be answered.i pray that they couls rest in peace and that their families find comfort in GOD in this moment of loss,mourning and sadness.

info by the Associated Press.

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