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Actress JoAnna Garcia Swisher Shares What It Means to "Go There"

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Like many of today's women, Jo has a lot on her plate: a demanding career, new husband, and life in the spotlight. And now she's kicking off Let's Go There, a new campaign with Merck to celebrate women's "don't settle" mindset and encourage all of us to get real about our health. In a video exclusive to PopSugar, Jo introduces the program and tells us what it means to her.

Jo shared a few key findings from the Let's Go There survey of 2,000 women in their 20s and 30s that shed a little light on what makes us modern gals tick. Find out what they are below.

We go after what we want: 69 percent of women surveyed feel comfortable "making the first move" with her significant other or potential partner she's interested in.

We won't settle: 78 percent of women say they would seek out new employment or a new position if they felt unsatisfied with their job.

This is true of relationships, too: Almost nine in 10 (87 percent) unmarried women say they would end a relationship if they felt unsatisfied with someone they were dating.

We say what's on our minds: 87 percent of women feel comfortable expressing their opinion.

And yet, we may not be taking the same initiative when it comes to an important health decision: seven out of 10 women using hormonal birth control would change something about their current method, and many aren't evaluating whether what they're using is a fit for their lifestyle. So as independent and in-control women, what's stopping us from taking the same proactive approach to our birth control? Are we asking the questions we should be asking?

Does it fit our lifestyle? Are we really satisfied? Do we even know what's out there?

Jo encourages us to talk to our health-care provider about the options. So why wait? Visit to see how JoAnna balances her career, relationships, and everyday life, and to learn how you can "go there" in all aspects of your life, too.

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