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Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM Found Dead in His New York City Apartment

DJ AM Found Dead

Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM, was found dead today in his NYC apartment. TMZ reported the news that he was found this afternoon at 5:20 p.m. He was 36 years old.

Apparently his friends hadn't heard from him in days and when one went over to check on him, AM didn't answer the door. The friend called the cops, who entered the apartment and found his body. According to reports, there was drug paraphernalia found at the scene.

It was slightly under a year ago that he survived a plane crash with his friend Travis Barker on Sept. 19, 2008. This story is heartbreaking and we will keep you updated as details emerge. Our thoughts are with his friends and loved ones.

Image Source: Film Magic
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januaryj januaryj 7 years
RIP DJ AM he seemed like such a good person.
TheBadRabbit TheBadRabbit 7 years
He gave us so much by playing records made by other people. Now he's gone. What ever shall we do? How will we carry on?
Burkina Burkina 7 years
Playing with drugs? Got whats coming to him? Do you have no brain at all? HE WAS DEPRESSED. He was sober for 10 years. He helped countless people get over addiction. He survived a plane crash. He was dealing with survivors guilt. 4 people DIED for goodness sakes. Its not something you get over quickly. He had to get surgery because his skin was burnt right off. That pain on top of breaking up with your longtime gf on TOP of it all is enough to push someone over the edge.
jaan_black jaan_black 7 years, apparently after the crash, the anxiety of having to fly caused him to be put on med's so that he could travel...ex offenders are the worst people to put on prescription pills...
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 7 years
so? people will forget this tommorow. this is what happens when you do drugs.
Sophie827 Sophie827 7 years
I really can't believe people would make cruel comments about something like this. A young man just lost his life and his friends and family must be suffering terribly right now. I don't think anyone has the right to judge someone for turning to drugs. Just because someone has an easy job does not mean they have an easy life and being surrounded by a culture of drug taking doesn't make things easy either. I don't think taking drugs makes someone a bad person (they're not harming anyone but themselves) but it does make their situation tragic. So how about a little understanding rather than such coldness?
simplystella simplystella 7 years
Woah, this is sad and.. kind of surreal. I'm feeling for his family and friends. Hopefully it wasn't the drugs that killed him, that would be such a shame :(
gamestomper-6 gamestomper-6 7 years
well, this is truly shocking for me because not too long ago he was being treated for injuries right here in my hometown, and now to know he's gone forever is really a heartbreaker .... so sad for the people who loved him.
PopDiva24 PopDiva24 7 years
This is so sad. He was so cool and nice when I met him and Travis Barker. DJ AM was such a talent. He will be missed.
THoMaS_CRoWN THoMaS_CRoWN 7 years
What an ironic death...Survived a plane crash and died eventually a year later..sad
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
I have met him a few times as he is friends with a good friend of mine, and it is quite sad. I'm extremely sorry to hear the news. He was very nice, not totally out of control, and not the kind of person you would think outwardly associates himself around some of the things he did. I am not for drugs, but everyone makes mistakes...and truly he was a good person caught up in some bad areas. It breaks my heart that he is so young, and such a genuinely nice guy. I hope he has found some peace, and I hope he is happier wherever he is.
jenni5 jenni5 7 years
crimsonlakes crimsonlakes 7 years
I guess many of you should refer to the old saying. If you don't have anything nice to say than don't say anything at all. I pray that he's in a better place now.
brwneyedqtpie244 brwneyedqtpie244 7 years
This made me so sad. R.I.P man, we're gonna miss ya.
nomerz nomerz 7 years
so incredibly sad. I should imagine that surviving such a horrific thing when others didn't is something that you would struggle with everyday.
arrowstraite arrowstraite 7 years
My heart goes out to his family and friends. Poor Adam, no one should die in that state and alone.
Quanni-E Quanni-E 7 years
Wow...I remember i saw this on twitter and m y face just dropped...his last tweet was so random. Final Destination?
dramaqueen21 dramaqueen21 7 years
Everyone seems to be dying in Hollywood. History will probably call this the Death Age of Hollywood
caroline_1 caroline_1 7 years
and also, some of you might be interested to learn that the Palms hotel/casino in Las Vegas only has the A and M lit up right now.. they wouldn't do that for "just a DJ"
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