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Luxury-Diva Luxury-Diva 10 years
Kimora might be a self centered, stuck up, money hungry heifer but I love her style! She is one of the most beautiful women out there but her Diva-like attitude turns people off. If she kept her mouth closed we would be just fine!!! as far as her on Cribs, I LOVED THE HOUSE!!! She has a shoe collection to die for!! I worry about her kids though, hope they don't grow up to be as shallow as their mom!!!
rubialala rubialala 10 years
Huh, I work with someone like that, where no matter what is going on, everything is about her. It's annoying in real life and it's annoying on the internet, too.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be all about her?! With that said, it's nice to see that she and Russell can still be friendly even though they're divorced.
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
wasnt kimora and russel supposed to be divorsing??
noranora noranora 10 years
She's the B-List Julia Roberts--remember when HorseLaugh presented the Oscar to Denzel? she totally ate his moment by saying (as she read the envelope contents). "I love my life!" Bitch. Same to KLS.
tania tania 10 years
KLS is trash! Queen Latifah looked great as usual
kendalheart kendalheart 10 years
Totally looks like a drag queen
sherale sherale 10 years
Kimmora has a great clothing line and a great fashion sense, but everytime I look at her giraffe neck, it makes me squirm.
demonkitty18 demonkitty18 10 years
queen latifah is amazing!
demonkitty18 demonkitty18 10 years
unlike the olsens- these twins look really nice!! n kimora needs another room in dat mansion of hers jus for her ego.
Ms_Magnificent1 Ms_Magnificent1 10 years
Ki-Ki is an attention wh00re... She is such an a$$hole...and for some reason I still like the chick! I think its b.cuz I love her fabulous closet...and those daughters are darling (at least for now anyways)!
vrico2005 vrico2005 10 years
Queen Latifah looks good! You go girl! :DANCE:
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 10 years
although hated HER on cribs did LOVE her closet!
badkitty badkitty 10 years
total trash.
Marci Marci 10 years
Kimora Lee is living proof that money doesn't buy class.
Christina23559 Christina23559 10 years
You know, I feel sorry for Russel Simmons, for having been married to her. I can't stand her, she's just the most stuck on herself person in the (sort of) public eye.
loryn loryn 10 years
I can't look at Diddy now without thinking that he thinks it's acceptable to allow his 12 year old son to have a lapdance. What a loser.
loryn loryn 10 years
She's so anoyying. I absolutely hated her on cribs.
Neural Neural 10 years
One of the twins is in the CW sitcom "The Game"-- I think Tia? I really like her in it. She plays a med student whose boyfriend is a pro footballer.
Bisou Bisou 10 years
LOL Dennis Rodman
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
i find her SO annoying and unpleasant.... did anyone see the MTV cribs with her? YUCK... so tacky!
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