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Amazing Race - Bye Bye Brothers

As you know I was a huge fan of the brothers so I was sad to see them lose last night. I do have an excellent idea - ABC should take the two fun loving, good looking, entertaining, real guys and make a DUAL BACHELOR. These two would be so much better than Charlie and they would have a blast doing the show together - do you hear me ABC????

OK, back to AR. Of course Rob and Amber pulled ahead again. They are really good but I still don't want them to win. Meredith and Gretchen are still hanging in there. Poor Gretchen looks like she has been beat up but they are in the top 5 - amazing. The poor brothers fell behind and knew they were last - the editing did not allow us to see how far behind they really were, but they knew it. They decided to dress up and "roll out in style" to the rest stop. They were good losers and genuinely enjoyed their journey together. Too bad it was an elimination week.

As for my favorite team, Lynn and Alex came in fourth. After one car dying, and then needing a second replacement car after a flat tire, they were lucky they made it at all. Here are some of last nights funny quotes from Lynn and Alex:

  • "I mean Uchenna and Joyce, their like born to do that" (the task balancing things on their heads)
  • "Oh my God that's like a, I don't even know" referring to the animals along the drive in Africa.
  • "That was awesome, Seriously Alex, even if we come in last place, you did something that I know was super hard for you"
  • "Will you put on underwear as a headband?"

The show was great and tonight CBS is giving us an extra episode of bonus footage. If you have not had a chance to check this show out than watch tonight for recaps of the season and get hooked now! Next week Ryan and Kelly should go - they are not fun to watch.

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