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Amazing Race 7

Each week gets better and better. The first of the back to back episodes was an obvious non-elimination round and Meredith and Gretchen got lucky, twice. The first time was when she had a horrible fall in the caves which resulted in a not so pretty image of blood all over her face - her reaction was classic. She was yelling at Meredith to get the clue and then out comes, "I've been wanting a face life for a long time." They managed to pull ahead to 5th place in the end even with no money or personal items to help them.

While Rob was very (and I mean very) slowly starting to grow on me because I thought he seemed genuine to the town people he meet along the way, that all changed when he did not even flinch when the brothers got in an accident. What a heartless jerk. Glad that they were not first this week.

Speaking of first, who are Ron and Kelly anyway. Seriously, they have not made a huge impression on me thus far, so hopefully they become more entertaining next week, or just lose.

And as for my personal favorites, Lynn and Alex came in 4th. I got nervous when they got lost in the hood and obviously felt completely helpless, but they made it. Also my love for them grew fonder when immediately stop everything to see if the brothers were OK when they were in a horrible car reck. At that point I thought the brothers were done but they managed to just barely pull ahead on what became a foot race to the finish. They beat out the horrible Ray and Deana who I could barely listen to any longer. Just nasty and unattractive - sorry kids but you don't deserve to win the AR7 anyway. Can anyone tell me what happened to Deana's eye? Was he beating her, what was up with that?

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