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American Idol

The songs were from the 90s however, I remember the 90's having much better music. What were some of those songs? Fine with Black Crowes and of course Whitney, but wasn't Leann Rimes like 15 in the 90's?

Anyway, my predicitons: I will be upset to see him go because I was a fan early on, but clearly Scott is fighting for his life this week. Him and Anthony were not as impressive so I think one of the 2 are out his week. For the possible third person in the bottom 3, Jessica Sierra and Ms Nadia may be there. Nadia may have started this competition with a bang, but she is starting to fade fast.

As for the best, Nikko Smith blew me away. As Randy said, he is "the most improved." Man is he lucky Mario Vasquez quit. Another surprise was Vonzell - she did really well. Carrie is clearly the best when it comes to singing - when it comes to dressing, note to Carrie, country girls don't wear the wallet chain on their jeans. Sorry babe.

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