You can tell it's getting down to the wire on American Idol when every single performance is not just good but potential-winner good. Despite Jamie Foxx's sometimes annoying ego, he proved to be a pretty helpful mentor last night and had constructive words for the five finalists. The theme of the night was "Rat Pack," so all the contestants got to bring a little swagger to the stage. Kris Allen kicked things off with a perfectly swoonworthy rendition of "The Way You Look Tonight." Three out of the four judges were into it, but Simon is not convinced that he has what it takes to win. Allison Iraheta, who just turned 17, is holding strong as the only female left in the competition singing "Someone to Watch Over Me." She also won over three out of four of the judges — sound familiar? — but Simon doesn't think she can win.

Matt Giraud took a risk with "My Funny Valentine," which I actually loved — such a great song. Randy called it pitchy, but yay Simon actually liked it. Then there were the all-stars. Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert always seem to have the prime spots in the show, and last night they both took the episode out with a bang. Gokey sounded fantastic singing "Come Rain or Come Shine," and the judges were bowled away by his performance. On a side note, was that the best Danny has ever looked or was it just me? When it came to swagger, Adam of course had it in the bag. His skills as a performer stood out during his "Feeling Good," which prompted Paula to compare him to Michael Phelps.

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Overall, the night showcased some great singing, even if it wasn't the most upbeat or contemporary series of performances. Bottom three: Allison, Kris, Matt. I think tonight we'll say farewell (again) to Matt Giraud. Check out Buzz's thoughts about the show here and tell us, who do you think is headed home tonight?