Last night on American Idol, Simon declared David Archuleta the winner of the night by a knockout. Archuleta sang his heart out and it showed, but we're still hoping for a David Cook victory.

The judges were enthusiastic throughout the night with comments like "best performance so far," "flawless," "stunning," "phenomenal," and "that was hot baby!" The Clive Davis song choices were my favorite. The show ended with Archuleta singing "Imagine" (actually a prediction Molly made earlier). Cook tried something different and although it may have cost him the crown, he did get a wink from Simon — that and a really humbling, nice comment about what a great guy he is.

We all know it doesn't matter who wins at this point. They will both do something exciting from here and in five years, we will be remembering one of them, but the question is which one? For a much more detailed recap of the boxing gloves and all, click here, and don't forget to vote on who you think is going to be the next American Idol.

Photo courtesy of Fox