Neil Diamond! This had to have been my mom's favorite episode ever (next to Andrew Lloyd of course)! Unfortunately for us, the final five didn't step up this week. Thankfully we have crazy Paula to talk about. In case you missed it, the clip below includes the most wacked out moment of the night. Do you think she was just confused since she probably spends a lot more time at rehearsals than the other judges?

As for the rest of the evening, overall . . .

  • Jason Castro started off OK. I liked "Forever in Blue Jeans" more than the judges, but I felt like they needed an animated sparkle in his eye to top off the performance. The judges want the old Jason back and I think if he doesn't change it up next week then he is out.
  • David Cook wins the night again. It was a nice touch to sport the AC initials on his blazer and guitar in support of his brother. The judges loved his songs, Simon called him brilliant, and Paula even said she felt like she was already looking at the next America Idol (of course she also brought out the crazy last night so that isn't saying much).
  • Brooke's first song made me declare myself SO over her. Fortunately she was much better the second time around, but I still think she is most likely to be voted off this week.
  • Archuleta is every 13-year-old girl's dream come true, and since they are the ones voting, he obviously has a great shot at the title. The first song didn't wow anyone but considering his choice of "Sweet Caroline," it's sad he couldn't bring us to our feet. The judges were more responsive to his second song, and it looks like he's hoping America is as well.
  • Syesha was old fashioned, according to Simon, on her first song, but she was the best dressed (great hair and makeup) and most energetic last night. I think Simon is making it obvious he doesn't want her to win considering his comments last night but who knows, maybe he is using his best reverse psychology on us.
  • For lots more from last night's show click here and don't forget to vote off who you think will be send home tonight.